2013-2014 Year in Review: Carlos Boozer


Player: Carlos “Puts the Boos in”  Boozer

Per Game Stats: 28.2 minutes, 13.7 points on .456 shooting, 8.3 rebounds, 1.6 assists, 2.0 turnovers, .7 steals and .3 blocks.

The Good:


Well, my mom taught me there’s always something nice to say so… the Bulls secured 77.3 percent of defensive rebounds while Boozer was on the court compared to 73.3 percent while he was on the bench. That’s a pretty significant difference.

Defensive rebounding can be an underrated aspect of the game. Considering how the season ended with the Bulls seemingly unable to secure one, our appreciation of them should be a tad higher now.  That will be one aspect of Boozer we we’ll miss.

Scratch that. That will be the aspect of Boozer’s game we miss.

There’s that and the fact that he only complained once about is role being diminished by a vastly superior Taj Gibson taking over.

The Bad:

The bad is pretty much everything else, as demonstrated by the on/off numbers per NBA.com/STATS.

Boozer OnOff

The Bulls were better on both ends of the court with him sitting, and a net 7.5 points better. Their offensive rebound and total rebounding were better. They had a better effective field-goal percentage and a better true shooting percentage.

The one thing that’s a surprise is the pace is higher with Boozer on the court, but that’s probably a result of the defensive rebounding. The Bulls failure to grab them when he’s sitting would impact that.

The best part of this season ending is the end of “And-one!” screams, Boozer celebrating like he did something every time someone else does, his kids cheering for the Heat and  his hair-spray head.

I was personally more of an advocate of Boozer until this year, but even the most patient Bulls fans have worn out on him. People will weep with joy when his departure, one way or another, is announced.

Grade: D-


Whatever it is, I doubt it’s with Chicago. I know there are some people worried that Jerry Reinsdorf won’t pull the amnesty trigger, but I have confidence if they’re not able to work him in a trade that nets a star, they’ll dump him to acquire one.

The Bulls have just been setting themselves up for this summer for too long for it to not happen. For all the criticism Gar Forman and John Paxson take, there are two things that are hard to dispute:

  1. They aren’t stupid.
  2. They aren’t out of touch with Reinsdorf

Those two things put together suggest that they are either acting in concert with Reinsdorf’s wishes or he has given permission for them to act on theirs.

Don’t worry, Boozer is gone.

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3 Responses to 2013-2014 Year in Review: Carlos Boozer

  1. mcham1124@hotmail.com'
    Michael C May 23, 2014 at 12:57 am #

    He may have worn out his welcome in Chicago due to his lofty contract, and Ole defense, but he wasn’t a D-. 13 ppg and 8 rpg is nothing to shoo @. He wasn’t the weak link for the Bulls, but he became less of a low post threat when the Bulls ran the offense through Joakim Noah vs D. Rose, or Nate Robinson. Boozer wasn’t a slasher, so expecting him to slash to the basket while Noah held the ball in his hands was not in his game.

    Bulls Nation is chanting the Down W/ Booze chant like the Taliban chanting Down w/ The USA. Beware of what you wish for. Unless, the Bulls manage to sign Carmelo Anthony, or Kevin Love, they will find out once Booze is amnestied there will be a gaping hole @ the PF pos w/ Taj Gibson now playing starters mins instead of two quarters, and Taj’s inability to raise his scoring avg in proportion w/ the rise in playing time. Even if the Bulls fail to sign a top tier PF, and bring over Nikola Mirotic the questions will surface on whether Mirotic can avg more than 13 ppg and 8 rebs, and defend better than Boozer.

  2. steelo@gmail.com'
    rob r May 24, 2014 at 2:34 pm #

    Boozer deserves part of the blame but not all. Gar pax and thibs are also to blame for his monstrous failure. They panicked in 2010 and gave him all that money , I thought they were such smart and savy scouts ? Gar never signed worthy talent, and thibs wanted a 6 foot 6 270 pound man to just bounce around on defense giving multiple efforts. And forget maximizing boozers offense because thibs doesnt get offense , I dont even trhink it exists in his mind.

    boozer in utah, played for another no nonsense coach in sloan, alongside another dynamic pg in deron williams, and was productive. What was the problem in chicago ?

    The front ofiice decided to string this guy along for 4 years rather than admit they madeaan mistake. A

  3. steelo@gmail.com'
    rob r May 24, 2014 at 2:44 pm #

    I ment to say he deserves most of the blame, its ultimately on him to preform and makeplays, and he never really fit with this team since day one.

    But is it a coincidence that the only one unwilling to play thibs ball was the healthiest chicago bull in the past 4 years ?

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