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Scottie Pippen’s torture chamber

With Scottie’s intro into the Hall of Fame imminent, there has been a renewed interest in his career…which, oddly enough, was never fully appreciated due to Michael Jordan’s shadow. And as shadows go, Jordan’s was sometimes like a black hole. At any rate, although Pippen provided some potent offense, we all know his surest skill […]

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The Bulls’ 2010-11 Schedulapocalypse

The 2010-11 schedule has been released. It’s a doozy. As usual. The Bulls must once again — and again and again and yet again — contend with their infamous November “circus trip” and a schedule loaded with back-to-back games. As K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune pointed out: “The Bulls are tied with the Bucks […]

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And the 12th roster spot goes to Keith Bogans

According to Sam Smith of “The Bulls Friday added another perimeter factor to their roster by reaching agreement on a two-year deal withformer Spurs starter Keith Bogans, NBA sources confirmed. The deal is estimated at about $2.5 million, with the second year not fully guaranteed until next summer. Thus, the Bulls still have salary […]

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To Rudy or not to Rudy…

The Bulls still have about $3 million to spend and one more roster spot to fill. Rumor had it the team was taking long, hard looks at both Eddie House and Roger Mason. Unfortunately, House was signed by the Evil Empire Miami Heat and Mason has been picked up by the New York Knicks. Who does that leave? Keith Bogans? […]

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Joakim and jump shots

In addition to improving his defense and rebounding, did you realize that Joakim Noah improved his jump shot last season? No, really. In case you’re not familiar with the Hotspots feature, here’s a link. Now, take a peek at Jo’s hotspots chart from the 2008-09 season: Now check out his hotspots chart from 2009-10: […]

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D-Rose’s jumper: Now with more arc

I saw this video of Derrick Rose shooting jumpers on Docksquad Sports (via TrueHoop): As SV at Docksquad said: “Rose has been in the gym putting in work on it all off season long, and it’s looking like it is paying off. People who have seen him play in the off season are raving about […]

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